Becoming a Mobile Hairstylist

The Quick, Intro Guide Every Wanna-Be Mobile Stylist Needs 

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re livin’ in a world full of unique opportunities for our chosen careers. As beauty pros, we have something that tons of other professionals don’t have—the built-in opportunity to be flexible, free, and design our jobs (and how we do them) on our own terms.

Yeah, being a stylist is pretty badass on its own, but once you start considering the full potential of being an utterly unconventional and super successful stylist, the job becomes even more exciting. 

How exciting, exactly?

Two words: mobile stylist.

Yep, being a mobile stylist is a total thing right now—it’s a unique way to freelance your stylist skills without being bound by the walls of a spa, salon, or shop. In other words, the world is your salon and the potential is endless. 

As a mobile stylist, you make the rules about what you want to do, where you want to do it, and what specific services you want to offer—gone are the days of working for one boss under one roof one doing one thing. It’s your niche career, which means your journey as a mobile stylist is up to you! 

Ready to learn more about this unique stylist career path? Feeling pretty dang on-fire for this idea right now? We don’t blame you!

Start reading ASAP to uncover even more benefits of this type of career, get your burning questions answered, and figure out how to start your mobile stylist career now—like right this second. 

The Benefits of Being a Mobile Stylist

Not quite committed to the idea of becoming a mobile stylist? Still sort of sitting on the fence? Hey, we get it—it’s a big change. There are plenty of benefits associated with being a mobile stylist—it’s a unique career that can help you take your dreams to the next level! 

But if you’re sitting there saying something like, “it sounds nice and all, but what are the actual benefits of being a mobile stylist?”, then you’re in the right place. We’ve listed out a few of the must-mention benefits that go hand-in-hand with ditching the stationary lifestyle and diving into a mobile mode of business.  

Total Flexibility

Work where you want, when you want, and only offer the services you’re passionate about! This type of career lets you work within your life goals, and not the other way around. Want to travel the country and be a mobile stylist? Good—do it. 

Prefer to only offer your pro services certain days and certain times? Cool—you know a traditional salon might not let you be that choosy. With this career, you can be totally flexible, 100% creative, and can follow your own rules—no bossy supervisors to deal with (except yourself, of course!) 

Profitability Like You Wouldn’t Believe 

You might feel like the mobile stylist life isn’t a six-figure salary deal, but trust us, there’s plenty of potential in this niche to grow and grow (and grow!). You’re setting yourself up to work the hours you want, you can charge more (because it’s a premium service where you go to your clients), and you don’t have to deal with tons of overhead costs (like rent, utilities, etc.). 

Don’t get us wrong, you’ll have other expenses, but we can bet it won’t be the same burden that paying a mortgage or rent might have on your $$.

Create Your Own Work Environment

Work from your home, work from your clients’ homes, work from a mobile stylist vehicle (#vanlife, guys)—the options are endless! You get to be creative here, so craft a work environment that makes you happy. 

Prefer to hop around to clients’ homes? Do that! Interested in setting up a legit mobile studio? Go for it! It’s truly up to you! 

Build a Tight-Knit Client Base 

With this niche career, you can build even tighter bonds with your clients. Think about it—if you’re working out of your clients’ homes, they’re doing more than just opening their hair decisions to your discretion, they’re opening their life to you. 

Automatically, they need to trust you more and feel safe letting you have access to their home life. You become a huge part of your clients’ lives and form unbreakable bonds! 

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Mobile Stylist FAQ: The Top Qs

Still have a few burning questions about becoming a mobile stylist? We figured. In fact, you probably have quite a few left over. While we can’t answer every question on this blog, we will address a few of the most frequently asked questions we get about becoming a mobile stylist. 

How Do I Get Regular Clients if I’m Never In One Place?

That’s a good question. Often, we’re taught that location is everything when it comes to retaining your regulars, but honestly guys, your talent is going to speak for itself. People will pay extra, make the extra effort, and commit to working with you if you’re worth it—and trust us, you are.

Pay attention to your customers’ satisfaction, try to make your process as simple as direct as possible, and offer a kickass loyalty program (and a referral program) for your clients! 

Is Working in a Client’s Home Weird?

That’s more of a personal thing and it’s going to vary based on two things: you and the client you’re working with. It can feel weird to step into someone else’s domain, but if you’re really committed to doing the damn thing, you’ll probably get over that initial weirdness in a snap. 

Set up a few non-negotiable rules, policies, and guidelines that outline some of your regulations—for example, if you don’t work at night in clients’ homes, make sure your clients are aware of that before they book you. Of, if you want to retain the right to cancel an appointment if you’re uncomfortable in a client’s home, make sure that’s clearly outlined, too. 

How Do I Charge for My Mobile Stylist Services? 

Charging for your mobile stylist services isn’t as complicated as you might think—in a lot of ways, it’s like charging for normal services in a salon. Before you assign a cash amount to your rates, think about things like your tools, your time, and the overall value of your service. 

Your time is valuable, your overhead (even though it’s not rent) is pricy (we’re talkin’ tools, equipment, etc.), and your service is top-notch—make sure you take these things into account when you’re setting your prices. 

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