Adding in 2-4-1s or BOGO deals to your salon, like the one pictured here, is a great way to boost your holiday promos for extra profits.

5 Holiday Promotions to Maximize Profits
Promotions for the Holiday Season

The weather outside may be frightful, but your holiday promos can be oh-so-delightful. 

It’s a well-known fact that the holiday season is always a big money-maker for cosmetologists (and pretty much everyone in the beauty biz). But if you’re looking to take that boost in profit and take it to a whole new level, well, you're in the right place.

This blog is all about taking the holiday spirit and offering you easy, streamlined ways to merge it with top-notch marketing.

Because believe it or not, holiday promos do matter–and if you’re not putting in a little thought, time, and effort, you could miss out on making major bucks this holiday season! 

We wholeheartedly encourage you to get a little Christmas creativity going for your own custom promos–but that doesn’t mean you can’t let these ho-ho-holiday promos inspire you.

Keep reading for some holiday-perfect promo ideas to add to your repertoire. And act fast–the holiday season is already here, and the quicker you can kick these into gear, the better. 

Why Do Holiday Promotions Matter?

First things first, though, you’re probably wondering why in the midst of all the holiday chaos you should drop everything and focus on promos. That’s fair, but we’ve got some solid reasons for you to consider. 

Promos, as you know, are big money makers–and adding in promos during the holiday season can make your normally-profitable season more profitable than ever.

But hey, it’s not all about money. Promos do a lot of great things for you, your relationships with your customers, and their experiences with your shop, salon, or spa overall. 

Promos, especially holiday promos, can:

  • Boost customer retention

  • Acquire new customers in relatively affordable ways 

  • Set you apart from your salon or spa competition 

  • Offer steady cashflow throughout the ebbs and flows of the holiday season 

  • Provide your customers with something fun that makes them happy 

Holiday Promotion Ideas to Maximize Profits This Season 

Consider this section your holiday gift from EBS–so sorry we didn’t wrap it (but something tells us after reading the helpful info you won’t mind). Here are the top five holiday promo ideas to consider this holiday season. 

Ornament Gift Card Surprises 

Want to make your promos fun and exciting? Go for something with a little surprise and chance to spice things up. Let your clients know that on certain days, you’ll be handing out ornaments after each service they receive.

In some ornaments, they’ll find gift cards for future services–others will just have something cute and seasonal inside. The more services your clients tack on to their appointments, the more ornaments they’ll receive (and the greater the opportunity to receive a gift card surprise!) 

2-4-1 Holiday Deals

Do a little math, run the numbers, and come up with a BOGO-style deal for the holiday season that makes sense for your salon.  You can do this with your salon service (buy a haircut get a bang-trim free) or with the products you offer in your salon (buy one moisturizing mask get the second free to give away as a gift this Christmas).

No matter what approach you take, be sure you’re running the number to ensure it’s going to benefit you! You want your promos to be advantageous for your customers, of course–but never at a loss. Do you have some product that you simply can’t seem to move? Figure out how to add it to your holiday deal! Are you not getting enough eyebrow waxes scheduled? Include it in a BOGO deal. 

Holiday Bundles 

Really want to sell the holiday spirit? Put together easy-to-grab packages of holiday bundles right by the checkout this season.

Packages can be as simple or as robust as you want! From gift bundles that include gifts cards for services to small product-specific packages, you can gear your bundles any way you wish! 

Gift Guide Packages 

We mentioned a few blogs back that coming up with gift guides is a great way to boost profits. Before the season gets hella busy, consider creating your own gift guide (whether it’s a blog, a video, or something in-shop) that directs customers toward your top picks for products, tools, and services.

Of course, make sure everything on your gift guide is either available in your shop, or you have something to complement that suggestion (for example, if you don’t carry hot tools, which products do you carry that work best with those hot tools). Need some inspo to get going? Check out our beauty-pro-approved gift guide blog

Gift Cards for All 

Promote those gift cards! Gift cards are a phenomenal, year-round promo, but they’re even better around the holidays. If you can frame your gift cards as the perfect gift for your customers’ loved ones, you can sell tons of ‘em before the holiday season ends. Why is this a good promo idea? For starters, you’re selling continuous opportunity. 

That gift card might be a one-time gift from your customer to their friend–but that’s an expense-free way to get them into your salon for the first time. Acquiring new customers is normally an expensive, tedious process–and that gift card can do all the heavy lifting for you. And of course, gift cards can improve our cash flow! They’re low-budget ways to amp up your marketing and they have strong ROI. 

We wish you a merry holiday season–but we wish you a profitable one, too! Whether you find inspo in these suggestions or create your own, we’re confident that your holiday promos are sure to boost profit this season. 

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