Your clients 4th of july nails will never look better–trends like red and nude are big this year.

4th of July Nail Trends to Try

Patriotic Nail Looks Your Clients Will Love 

Want to know what we think is the absolute best part of Independence Day?

It’s not the grill-outs. It’s not the fireworks. It’s not even the celebration of freedom (although, OK, that one was pretty good).

It’s the nail looks.

Yep, you heard us. Fourth of July looks are always brighter and more astonishing to us than any fireworks explosion in the sky. Wanna know why? Because they’re creative, they’re cool, and they stand for something super amazing–the freedom to express ourselves the way we want.

If you’ve got a client or two on your list that’s always on the hunt for a killer nail look, then you’re in luck–this blog is all about diving nail-first into some of the most patriotic Independence Day looks out there.

In other words, if you’ve got nails you’ve been dyin’ to deck out, you definitely want to give these a peek. And hey, maybe while you’re in the process of practicing your patriotic nail art, you’ll find a totally new and exciting style all your own.  

So, what are you waiting for? Our forefathers didn’t wait for an invitation to declare their independence–no need for you to wait for yours to dive into these must-know nail trends.

The Must-Have 4th of July Nail Trends Every Nail Tech Needs to Try

Glittered Ombre Nails

It’s Independence Day–that’s no time to go subtle (if that’s your style).

Try a bold, bright, and glittery look that’s all about the ombre. Want to make it super patriotic? Opt for ombre colors that scream America.

Reds that shade into pinks. Blues that fade into whites. Make it festive, fun, and of course, super glittery!

Patriotic Minimalism

If out-of-this-world flashy just isn’t your thing, you can still make a bold statement with patriotic minimalism designs.

Play with negative space, opt for a more abstract shape, and tone the colors down for a minimalist look that never downplays your love for the holiday.

Stars and Stripes 4Ever

Go wild with a not-so-tacky take on a classic.

Opt for things like press-on stars and tasteful backdrops, play with negative space in terms of stripes, or go straight flag-crazy and mimic the good ole red, white, and blue!

A French Manicure–But Make it American

You know how the classic French manicure looks. Now, give it an American twist. Opt for a shimmering base with red, white, or blue tips (or some sort of variety there),

Nude Nails with Pops of Patriotic Color

We love a little subtle with a nice pop to get the point across.

Think about a classic, nude nail look with a sparkly star, a bold stripe, or something fun to shake things up a bit.

Abstract & Awesome

Squiggly lines, wild shapes, and totally wacky color choices–that’s the way to throw patriotic nails for a loop.

Let your imagination go totally crazy and throw convention to the wind. It’s the 4th of July, after all–you’re entitled to let your nails have a little fun.

Perfect Patriotic Polka Dots

What’s more fun than polka dots? Patriotic polka dots. Take this class look to a new level with an adorable twist on Americana.

Whether you opt for the traditional red, white, and blue or do something a little more abstract, there’s nothing quite like a classic polka dot look to celebrate patriotism.

So, tell us. Which of these fab trends is your all-time fave?

If you’re totally torn, we highly recommend giving each and every look a try–then come back and let us know which ones you like, which ones you love, and which ones you can’t live without.

Got a hot 4th of July nail trend of your own?

Drop a comment below and give it a shout-out. We’re all about adding new styles to our repertoire. Who knows? Your go-to July 4th nail trend might just make our next can’t-miss list.

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