A client sits in her stylist's chair while her go-to beauty pro applies her extensions and explains extension care.

Don't Overextend Extension Care
4 Tips For Your Clients' Extension Care Routine

Adding in extension services can be an incredibly fulfilling way to bring in more clients, and increase your revenue, and TBH, just do something fun at your salon! Extensions are an art form, and if you're into the process, you'll likely find them rewarding.

The problem with extensions? They require maintenance–on your end and on the client's end.

Though there are so many advantages to adding extension services to your repertoire, it also comes with the disadvantage that you'll likely have to provide a lot of TLC specifically to your extension clients.

And though that's not necessarily a bad thing, it can be, for lack of a better term, sort of a time suck if you're trying to offer a wide variety of services.

So, how can you be sure that you're not overextending yourself when you start providing extension services

By educating the heck out of your clients about proper at-home extension care–that's how! 

The more you can teach your clients about top-notch at-home care, easy routines, and helpful advice for their extensions, the less maintenance you'll have to worry about (aside from the regular 6 to 8-week check-ins, of course!). 

Want to know what to recommend to your clients? You're in the right place, beauty pros. We've got our top four go-to tips below. 

4 Tips for At-Home Extension Care Clients Can Count On 

Brush Extensions Regularly

Extensions don't need as much love as most people might think, but there are a few cardinal rules your clients will need to follow to get the absolute most life out of their lovely wefts. The primary one? Tangles are a no-go. 

That means you should absolutely stress to your clients that daily brushing and a detangling routine are both crucial elements for their lives and the longevity of their beloved extensions.

A morning and nighttime detangle session are both great streamlined things to encourage them to implement into their routine, as well as immediate attention when they get those extensions tangled up. 

Pro tip: be clear about the brushing and detangling technique, too, and don't assume they know how to properly brush an extension. No pulling; use one hand to hold the top of the row or weft of the extension and the other to gently brush through. 

Limit Washing When Possible 

There's a common misconception that you can't wash extensions, but as a beauty pro, you know that's def not the case. Obviously, you'll need to wash your extensions–the goal is to limit washing when possible. Though every beauty pro might instruct their clients differently, the rule of thumb is to wash extensions 1-2x per week to avoid drying out the hair. 

If your clients wash their extensions too often, they're more likely to dry out, break, and need replacing. So, the longevity of their extensions (and their desire to visit you in the salon less!) depends on limiting washes. 

A stylist takes a closer look at her client's extensions, offering advice on better extension care.

Don't Forget to Dry Those Extensions 

Just like there are misconceptions about wetting extensions, there are plenty about drying them. There's info all over the internet about how you can't use heat and have to air dry your extensions, but this simply isn't the case. In fact, it's massively important to dry those extensions at the root! 

Typically, you'll want to make sure the root of your extension is dried within a half-hour of your wash. In most cases, you're dealing with glue–and if you don't dry your hair fast enough, that water can rest on the hair cuticles and break down that glue. And, news flash, glue and water don't mix well. 

Above all, caution your clients to avoid using a towel on their heads and flipping their hair upside down. Do you know how all long-haired folks (and even short-haired ones, too) tend to wrap their hair up post-shower? That's a big no-no in the extension haircare world. 

Set Them Up with the Best Extension-Safe Products 

When your clients switch over to the extension life, it's probable they'll have to switch some of their products to ensure everything they're using is extension-safe. 

Though there are, like, a million different products out there you could recommend, remind them that the main goal (above all!) is to focus on hydration to avoid excess breakage and damage. Moisturizers, oils, leave-in masks, make sure you're including a ton of info on what they should use, when they should use them, and how they can change the health of their extensions.

As a beauty pro, the best thing you can do is put together a go-to hydration product kit to recommend (and even sell in your shop) to your clients.

Feeling like a total extension pro? You already were! But now, you've got some client care recommendations that can ensure they're the at-home pros you need them to be!

Don't sleep on these tips–we promise your clients will appreciate all the education you can give them.

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