A cosmetologist shows off her makeup skills on a live video as part of her holiday side gig.

3 Easy Holiday Season Side Hustles You Can Do While You Travel
Ring in the Holidays & Bring in the Bucks

The holly jolly holidays are nearing.

The garland is up. The stockings are hung.

And the beauty books are, well, booked to the brim until you take off for your traveling holiday plans. 

Even though you've got a full plate, we can probably guess what an ambitious beauty pro like you is thinking this holiday season. 

How can I continue to bring in the big bucks while I travel, visit with my fam, and enjoy the holidays? 

Enter the holiday side hustle. Yep. A side gig–just for the season. 

Look, we're not arguing for you to fall down the rabbit hole of side gigs all the time.

But if you want to bring in a little extra cash flow this season without having to give up your holiday hoopla plans, you're going to want to read this blog. 

3 Easy Holiday Season Side Hustles 

Beauty Pro on Demand 

If you're traveling home for the holidays and still want to make bank, it might be time to tap into your freelance life a little.

With the help of beauty booking apps, word of mouth, or your own savvy digital marketing (hello, IG marketing skills), you can book up plenty of clients this holiday season in your hometown (or wherever you might be going). 

A little freelance hustle never hurt anybody! And the good news? You can control what you do and what you offer.

If you solely want to offer quick, 1-hour mini-sessions to your freelance clients, that's your call. If you want to offer custom options for whoever inquires, that's your call, too. The possibilities are truly endless! 

Online Tutorials & Master Classes 

We're in the digital age–use that to your advantage! Set up a schedule of online tutorials and masterclasses that people can buy into.

 It doesn't have to be a four-figure cash deal to get into the mix–somethin' small (like a $10 entry fee!) will do. Think about it this way. If 100 people purchase your $10 class on how to style the top 10 holiday looks, you'll be $1000 richer, right? 

A cosmetologist braids a client's hair as part of her holiday side gig.

The beauty of this side gig is that it can happen from anywhere–whether you're traveling for the holidays or not! 

Set Up an Online Shop 

And fill that bad body with the good stuff. Whether you want to sell physical inventory (like your all-time fave products) or digital products (like your eBook on how to care for extensions), you can sell from anywhere. 

Want a cute lil pro tip if you're thinking of digital products? Pick what you know best and capitalize on your niche.

If you're a freakin' badass at braiding, create a video guide that you can sell to aspiring beauty pros. It will live in your online shop and bring in passive income–a great little boost for anyone wanting a little extra dough! 

The Side Hustle Inside Scoop: What You Need to Know 

Want to know a little more about how to make a side hustle a year-round kinda deal? Good news–we've got a lot more insight into where this blog came from. 

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It's overflowing with ideas about how to kickstart your side hustle, ideas to pursue, and tips for getting it going!

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