The 2022 Trends Every Cosmetologist Should Know About
Trends to Keep an Eye on In 2022

New year, new trends—that’s just the way it goes in our industry.

As we say goodbye to a few trends that only 2021 could love, we get ready to welcome (with open arms, mind you) some truly awesome 2022 trends in the industry.

The fact of the matter is that everything in our line of work is always changing—new year or not. But we can’t deny a certain rush of exciting new fads, must-haves, and hot-or-nots that come our way every time a new year begins.

The hard part about all of this stuff? Keeping up with it.

How can you be sure that each of these new-fangled new year trends is totally worth your precious time?

It’s not always easy, and that’s exactly why we’re here to help.

We’ve laid out a few must-know trends below that you’ll most def wanna keep on your 2022 radar—because like it or not, these trends are a-comin’ your way, so you’ll want to be ready the next time a client asks you for something on this list.

The 2022 Trends Every Cosmetologist Needs to Know

The Skincare First Takeover Will Continue

This is especially important for MUAs and estheticians to take note of. Obviously, skincare has always been a big deal, but folks will continue to prioritize focusing on skin health and wellness as well as skinimalism (AKA, shedding the multi-step routines to find sustainable programs that work).

So, skincare specialists, don’t fret if your clients coming to you wanting to pare down the 10-step routines—just know this is the hot topic (and be prepared to offer them helpful, actionable advice).

Beauty, Simplified & Sustainable

The trend of taking beauty to sustainable and simplified levels isn’t necessarily new, but it’s definitely something you’ll see continuing in 2022.

Be prepared to see every part of the cosmetology industry—skincare, hair, esthetics, nails, etc.—take a much larger leap toward creating simplified beauty (products and trends) that put sustainability up on the pedestal.

Men’s Grooming is the Hot Topic

We’re redefining what masculinity looks like in the cosmetology industry—and we’re starting by taking men’s grooming to new heights.

Male-marketed beauty and cosmetology are on the dang rise in 2022 and since this sector beauty is expected to skyrocket by 2024, we suggest hopping on the bandwagon now. 

Not sure where to get motivation for this sector? Think of examples like Machine Gun Kelly, Harry Styles, Lil Yachty, and more who are also launching into the men’s cosmetology market. You might want to figure out which brands have products and messages that you can align with to support this new trend.

Slicked-Back Hair Makes a Statement

Supple and slicked, we’re loving the embrace of suave locks that are slicked back to perfection. No matter what style you want to rock slicked—buns, braids, ponies, updos, and beyond—this is the perfect avenue for a polished, professional, and ever-so-fancy look that’s perfect for 2022.

Wave Goodbye to Matte Skin Looks

Apparently, 2022 is the year we embrace soft skin that’s natural but elevated. Instead of flat, matte looks, we’re opting for soft, supple, dewy, and natural—like your normal face but with a little extra pizzazz.

Does this mean to embrace the trend you need to be shiny AF? No way—you’ll still want a finely-milled powder to help bring the natural shimmer down a touch. The biggest yes to this trend is creating a soft, satiny look that’s natural and glowing.

Big, Bold Eyeliner

It’s the new red lip—just for your eyes. Statement liner is about to be all the dang rage this year and in our opinion, it’s going to be fabulous.

From winged eyeliner and fox eyes to bright colors and other types of dramatic designs, get ready to see eyeliner get bolder, bigger, and better.

One of the hottest looks? Winged liner that extends and wraps around the crease of the eye for a very nod-to-the-60s look.

Natural Texture is the New, Big Thing

Curly, wavy, and natural-haired beauties, rejoice! This is your dang year.

In 2022, we’ll see a much bigger embrace for your natural hair with trends that don’t try to make it something it isn’t. What else will we see with this amazing trend?

Doing those styles that you love (slicked-back buns, beautiful braids, etc.) without making changes to natural texture—all of it is going to look just as good (if not better, TBH) by embracing your natural textures.

So, get ready to find some super-great curl-defining creams and lightweight oil to help with styling—your clients are going to need suggestions!

No-Fuss Makeup With a Comeback

OK, we might be coming out of the pandemic and in effect, coming out of sweatpants-only-no-makeup looks, but that doesn’t mean we’re totally giving up on the minimalized makeup vibes.

Nope, now more than ever, folks are opting for clean, no-makeup makeup that looks natural, effortless, and like you just rolled out of bed and woke up that way (but like, in a good way).

This means natural skin looks, dewy finishes, tinted balms, touches of mascara, and plenty of other understated additions.

Have a few 2022 trends on your own horizon you want to share?

Do it!

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