2021 Hair, Skin, & Nails Trends

Never have we ever needed a trend-spotting article more than we do right now.

You guys, let’s face it, 2020 was tough. Now that 2021 is here, we’re absolutely committed to leaning into the good while juggling the bad, which, to us, means helping you do what you do better—and that obviously means keeping you in the know on the latest and greatest trends in the cosmetology world.

It might only be the first week of the new year, but we’re whole-heartedly diving into what’s anticipated to be the best of the best in hair, skin, nails, and beyond.

You know just as well as we do that we can’t predict every hot trend of the year (and TBH, why would we want to? That’s kind of the fun part, right?), but we can give you insight on what’s hot on the radar right now to ensure that you’re jumping into 2021 with an on-trend attitude to give your clients exactly what they want.

So, sit back, relax, and take a break from the world’s craziness for a moment—let’s talk 2021 trends.

2021 Hair Trends

Mullets Are Back

Look, we’re not talking about scraggly Tiger King mullets that leave you wincing—we’re talking about sexy, trendy, business-up-front-party-in-the-back mullets making a comeback with a damn vengeance. Believe it or not, mullets are likely going to be the 2021 hairstyle—for anyone and everyone. 

While it might not be your thing, we highly recommend hopping on this how-to-craft-the-ultimate-mullet train because we’re willing to bet you’re going to have a trendy client or two stepping into your salon and requesting a sweet, shaggy mullet. All we need to do is look to Miley Cyrus and Maisie Williams for a little mullet inspiration to be on the bandwagon.

But here’s the thing, the mullet trend isn’t as random as we might want to believe. Many stylists and experts think mullets came back into style as a result of the pandemic and people not being able to get their hair cut regularly. (And we can’t totally disregard Tiger King—according to one article, there was a 1124 percent rise in the search term “how to cut a mullet” during the time period everyone was watching Tiger King.

Supremely Shaggy Hair

This 2021 trend shouldn’t be a huge surprise—it was big in 2020, too. But hey, we’re not mad—we can totally get down with another year of 70s-era shaggy hair on everyone. 

It’s definitely not an easy style to just jump into for the faint of heart—there’s a lot of texture and a lot of cropped layers. But trust us, your clients who are into it are going to love this cool, chic, and totally stylish look.

Bangs: 60s Styles

Bangs—in some capacity—are always in, right? Well, 2021’s version of hottest bangs are the adorably sexy, eyelash-skimming 60s bangs. And it’s perfect timing, right? Why wouldn’t you want some 60s-era bangs paired with your supremely shaggy cut? This year—just like last (you know, when we weren’t locked down and unable to cut our clients’ hair)—is likely going to focus on upgraded versions of awesome 60s and 70s throwbacks.

Shaved Re-Starts

Believe it or not, edgy-short lil pixie cuts, shaved-sides, and totally buzzed heads are as in as can be. 

Trends are showing that people—women especially—are leaning toward a totally fresh start this year by taking the plunge and buzzing their hair down to where it’s totally bare.

2021 Skin Care Trends

Refillable Skincare Products & Ingredient Transparency 

Being eco-friendly isn’t a new trend, but we can definitely expect 2021 to focus more on clean products and mitigating waste—that means it’s likely we’ll see more spas and products emphasizing refillable skincare products to cut down on waste. 

Further, 2021 consumers are already trending toward knowing what’s in their skincare products—it’s not enough to just know it works, consumers want to know why it works and what gets their skin there.

Clean skincare and beauty products are going to be more important than ever, which means it’s going to be hugely important to ensure they’re more accessible than ever.

Maskne Treatments

We might be turning a new page in 2021, but we’re not all ditching the masks just yet. In other words, maskne is here to stay, which means fighting it is firmly cemented into place, too.

We can’t deny that mask-related breakouts are going to continue to plague your clients. Investing your time, energy, and effort into learning new innovations around acne treatments that are centered around mask-related issues (like bacteriophage technology that kills specific bacteria that causes breakouts) is going to be an enormous trend for estheticians in 2021.

You’ll also see new products on the rise all year that are going to specifically target maskne—make sure you do your research, test these out, and pick the most effective before you start using them on your clients.

Microneedling & Laser Treatments

A lot of people were unable to attend their regular esthetician or dermatologist appointments as a result of the pandemic, which likely means that now that spas and salons are open again, clients are going to want in-office treatments that target bigger issues—like broken blood vessels, photodynamic therapy, and acne-killing laser treatments.

2021 Nail Trends

Manicures with Multi-Colors

Who says your clients can’t have a manicure that’s entirely multi-colored? When done right, it can look just as sophisticated as a same-colored manicure.

Thinking outside the box, being a little wild, and leaning into some bright and exciting colors can draw a ton of attention to your clients’ hands without being too loud.

Muted Manicures

Muted undertones are a must this year—think faded yellows, muted melons, calming blues. We love a low-key, laid-back look that brings about peace, calmness, and a badass set of nails.

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