The Hottest Summer Hairstyles & Colors for 2020

We’ve talked Fall looks, we’ve talked spring looks, and heck, we’ve even talked summer looks before—but that was so last year. It’s time to talk about what’s happening right freakin’ now, people—summer 2020. 

As the sun starts to shine and sandy beaches start calling our names, we’re all turning our thoughts away from the stressors that 2020 has brought us (we won’t dive into the coronavirus pandemic stuff but like, c’mon 2020) and toward those sunshine-y, drink-in-our-hands, lovin’-life-in-the-summer-time thoughts.

And of course, those thoughts include the latest and greatest styles, colors, cuts, and more for our clients’ luscious locks this season. As a BA stylist, it’s your job to be in-the-know so you can recommend the best of the best to the clients you love. 

So, it’s time to tune out of those 2019 summer-lovin’ styles and tune right on into the 2020 summer looks you should be serving up.

Rose Gold (As Always) 

If you know like, anything at all about us, then you know we stan rose gold hair forever and always. So, obviously, we’re thrilled that this sassy, subtle, and stylish color is still on-trend (we predict it’ll never go out of style, but we’re a little rose gold biased for sure).

What do we love most about rose gold hair? It’s for everyone. Want to go loud and proud and in-your-face? Rose gold can do that. Want a little subtle shimmer for summer? Yeah, rose gold can tackle that for you, too. Plus, it’s an easy sell to clients because it’s nowhere near as tough to care for as other demanding colors (platinum and silver, we’re lookin’ at you). 

Messy, Wispy, Ever-So-Lovely Updos

It’s summer, you guys—that means intentionally messy dos are never a don’t. We love a good wind-blown, beach wavy, wispy updo look that says, “oh, my hair? Gee thanks—I just threw it up into a messy bun after going for a dip” That’s that 2020 energy we’re trying to get our clients to flaunt for sure.

Throw those wavy locks into a messy-but-sophisticated elevated bun, tousle it up, and pull some of those wispy little tendril-look strands down for a little drama and you’re good to go this summer. 

Beach Waves 

We know, we know—beachy waves have been a summer trend since forever, but there’s a reason classics never die, OK. When all else fails, advise those clients of yours to go with a summer staple—tousled waves that look as natural and effortless as possible.

We love a good face-framing, wavy style that’s easy and timeless. Want to show your clients how to jazz it up? Encourage them to add in a few fun clips or a funky bandana to give their look a little pop of somethin’ somethin’.

Golden Highlights 

Add a little summer fun without adding too much blonde to your clients’ hair with subtle, golden highlights that are perfect for brown bases. What do we love about golden highlights? They add that pop of lightness we love to see in the summer months without the high-maintenance demands that go hand-in-hand with full-blown-blonde.

So, on the checklist of summer hair we love (low-maintenance, cute as hell, and totally on-trend) they check every box seamlessly! 

Sleek Braids 

Yes, summer is amazing, but summer is always so dang hot. If your clients are struggling with the concept of cutting off their luscious locks but still want a way to keep their off those beautiful faces of theirs (and the sweat of their necks), show ‘em how to do a variety of beautiful braids to add some sleek style to their look while keeping them cool and free of the sweaty-summer-neck-syndrome.

When we say braids, we’re talkin’ all kinds of braids. Butterfly braids? Yep. French braided pigtails? Livin’ for ‘em. Big, beautiful fishtail braids? You know it. There’s no limit to the beauty of the braid—especially in the heat of the summer. 


Nope, that’s not a typo—we said bronde, not blonde. This color technique means you never have to choose between brown and blonde again. Instead, you can offer your clients a fusion of skin-flattering, sun-kissed, total goodness that gives all those beautiful brunette clients of yours a hint of blonde—all without putting them through the process of going platinum. The best thing about bronde? It’s a natural-looking trend that can work for any color, texture, or cut—AKA bronde for all. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to show your clients what’s hotter than hot this summer 2020 season! Upsell these badass styles to the clients you love to love and help them serve all the looks this year. 

Have a few 2020 summer trends in mind that we might have missed? Tell us! Drop a comment on our post to let us (and the stylist community) know what is a must-MUST this summer season. And remember, keep up with us all year long for the best tips, tricks, advice, and insight, no matter the season!