2020 Spring Hair

The Styles You Need to Know About

Even if you haven’t been outside in a while, there’s no denying the facts—spring is in the air, people, and we are here for it.

Let’s pretend for a hot second that all of your clients aren’t sitting inside their homes wishing and waiting and praying to whatever power they believe in that the COVID-19 pandemic will end ASAP so they can run—probably with roots screaming for attention—straight to your salon’s door.

Just for a moment, pretend the pandemic is not the current case.

Shut your eyes (good and tight) and allow yourself to dream of spring—and more importantly, all the spring hairstyles your clients are going to be begging for once all of this is over.

If you ask us, it’s best to be prepared, right? We thought you might agree. If you’re just as spring feverish as we are, then we can bet you’re going to love (LOVE) this article we’ve written up for you.

Disclaimer: with the current state of the world, you can’t necessarily try these out on clients right now—but what’s stopping you from experimenting with your own hair or on a mannequin? What stopping you from perfecting these looks before you bring them to the table?

Ladies and gentlemen, get those beauty pro hands ready to rumble because these spring styles are aching for you to give them a whirl!

‘70s Bangs

These shagadelic bangs will have your clients saying “far out” from the moment you carefully craft them to frame their beautiful faces. Why do we love this bang? For starters, we’re all about paying homage to one of the best decades (yet), but more than that, we love the 70s bang because it gives all the bangs for your buck without mandating that your clients commit to bangs.

Take this style to new heights by giving it a little curtain look—AKA sweeping to both sides—so your clients can refresh their look with a little spring fun without committing to a totally new way of life (don’t act like bangs aren’t a totally new way of life, you’re a stylist, for gosh sakes—you know how this goes).

Retro-Modern Shag

Hold up—we’re not done with the ‘70s just yet. The modern shag is the ultimate spring hair for 2020 for lots of reasons, but mostly because it looks undeniably cool when paired with adorable, retro spring clothing (but hey, you don’t have to be hippie-chic in your wardrobe to rock a hippie-chic look).

This modern take on a shag cut is all about layering correctly, make sure you’re focusing on framing your client’s face by layering shorter pieces in front and going for the longer lengths in the back.

PRO TIP: modern shag cuts are golden on clients who have big curls, so we definitely recommend telling your curly clients all about this one—that being said, the modern shag works for anyone with any texture!


It’s a weird name, but you guys, we promise it’s a real trend. Twilighting refers to a very hot, very recent trend that’s just for brunettes with warm undertones. This technique adds in a little golden dimension with some balayaging and well-placed babylights.

The best part about this look? It adds a little spring warmth that will carry into summer beautifully—and it’s exceptionally low-maintenance, too (when done right, of course).

Lobs with a Twist

 If you’re anything like us (and we’re willing to bet you are given our respective chosen professions), then we can bet you love a good lob cut. While lobs are practically always in style, spring 2020 is all about taking this adorable lob look and giving it a little edge with some asymmetrical angling. 

Think of the asym-lob as a modern take on a very classic, very chic lob look—it’s just got a little extra zing! We love this cut for a lot of reasons, but we can’t help but brag about its exceptional versatility. No matter what face shape your client is rocking, a lob could be the perfect route to take for a springtime look that’s bound to stun.

Rusty Copper Color

Red hues and highlights are so in right now—but not exactly the red you’re thinking. Sure, auburn is a classic and we’re never going to be mad about a well-done bright red, but currently, copper is the color that’s making our spring 2020 dreams come true.

Throw in a few red-hued highlights to add a little dimension on your brunette clients or go full-on-copper-crazy and convince your brave clients to totally switch it up.

We can promise you that a beautiful, rusty copper color is everything this season.

Mini Cropped Bangs

We’re not talkin’ baby, micro-fringe bangs and we’re not talkin’ curtain bangs—we’re talking short bangs that fall just in the right spot—AKA right above the eyebrows. Mini bangs are a fine line—they should have plenty of texture without looking too full, but you don’t want them to be too wispy either.

Make ‘em piece-y, make ‘em faux fringe, but above all, make sure that you leave those beautiful brows alone—the real secret to mini bangs is to not cover up those glorious brows.

Got a few spring 2020 hairstyles you think should be on this list? Let’s hear ‘em.

Leave us a comment on this post and let us know. We’re all about putting the latest and greatest out there for our beauty community.

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