Start Your Salon, Shop, or Spa Planning for 2020 ASAP

Like, Right Now

Newsflash, beauty babes and bros, 2020 is like, right around the corner.

We know what you’re thinking—it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, we’ve got all the time in the world before the new year hits. I’ll start my 2020 business planning in December.

Look—we’re not here to rain on anyone’s parade, the way you do business is your prerogative, and we support that. But we are here to offer the best beauty business advice we possibly can to professionals who do the damn thing, and if that’s precisely why you’re here, then honey, it’s time to light a fire and get the planners and pens out.

It’s time to shake off that Fall procrastination dust, wipe all the stranger-hair off those beautiful black aprons, and grab a coffee (or a glass of wine, honestly, we don’t judge here).

Here’s why getting your 2020 planning going right this very second can make your current day-to-day easier, your business more successful, and your life a whole hell of a lot more enjoyable.

If you’re a badass business owner, manager, or planner ( and we know you are, can we get an Amen?!), you’re in the right place—let’s get crackin’.

Why You Should Be Planning for 2020 NOW

We didn’t really specify the why in why it’s perfect timing to start planning for 2020 now. But we’re about to.

The Holiday Season is About to Throw You For a Loop

Don’t pretend that you’re not about to be absolutely drowning in holiday appointments.

We know this isn’t a bad thing (we also love the holiday rush for beauty professionals), but if you think you’re going to have time to really scribble out some substantial 2020 plans in the midst of all that chaos, you’re either a superhero in a stylists clothing or some kind of mutant robot who doesn’t need sleep. Seriously—you know how hectic the holidays get.

Getting a jump on your planning now can free you up, get you ahead, and leave you with plenty of focus for the rush.

Procrastination Doesn’t Do You Any Favors

This doesn’t even specifically apply to the beauty biz—this applies to all aspects of life and businesses of every industry. The longer you put something off, the bigger that challenge becomes.

Stop procrastinating and tackle this project head-on. Think about that huge breath of relief you can let out once you get all the preliminary planning done!

There’s No Time Like the Present 

That’s really all there is to it. Planning now for 2020 can save you a huge headache later. Trust us—future you will want to give present-day-you a serious smooch if you tackle this now.

Clients Want to Work with Professionals

And part of being a professional is being prepared. If you have a regular client coming in on the tail-end of 2019 asking about your scheduled price increase for 2020 and you can’t give them an answer, that doesn’t look super great for you.

We’re not saying that’s going to lose business, but being professional means having your ducks in a row—clients respect and recognize that.

The Sooner You’re Ready, the Sooner You Can Implement Those Money-Making Business Plans

Honestly, the quicker you can get those new plans implemented, the faster you can start profiting off it!

Imagine being able to implement all of your 2020 plans right when the clock strikes midnight on News Years Day. If you have everything mapped out for 2020 ahead of time, you can kick off your new year rightmaking more money, serving more customers, and being the best beauty business you can be.

What You Should Be Planning for 2020 Now

Every business is different, so we can’t tell you exactly what your 2020 plans should look like, but we do think that every beauty business should evaluate a few important factors for their new year plans.

Your Goals

List ‘em out, lay ‘em down, tack ‘em up on a wall—it doesn’t matter how you’re planning out your 2020 goals, just that you’re doing it.

If you run a small business, incorporate your employees in this process, but don’t forget to set up your own personal goals, too!

Marketing Tactics

Your marketing strategies matter! Getting ahead of the curve on when, what, and how you’ll market your business for the new year can set you further ahead in 2020 than you ever dreamed.

Brush up on what’s hot in marketing, figure out new tactics that could work for you, and heck, even invest some time, energy, or resources into marketing tools!

Where You Can Save $$

Start planning out where you can save money—cut costs, cut waste. Brainstorm this with your team to get a better idea of what’s draining your resources, your profits, and your backbar.

Loyalty Programs, Discounts, Deals, and More

Start thinking about this now!  Evaluate your current programs, think about how you can make them more profitable, and consider all new ideas (perhaps Groupon vouchers?) to get your 2020 programs up and running quick!

Eco-Friendly Iniatives

It’s about to be 2020, people. It’s time to step your go-green savvy! Check out a few tips here that you can easily implement for your 2020 plan.

We hope we lit a hot lil fire underneath you to get your 2020 planning going ASAP. The way we see it, the sooner you can get those goals going, the better off your badass year of beauty will be.

Got some 2020 planning tips for the beauty community? Good! 

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