Spooky & Spectacular:

The Halloween Hair & Makeup Trends You Need for 2020

Hey there, gourd-geous—guess what? It’s almost our favorite time of year.

It’s the time to eat, drink, and be scary. The time to trick or treat yo’self. The time to give your clients pumpkin to talk about. The time to creep it real.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re pretty obsessed with Halloween (and super cheesy Halloween puns, obviously). Can you blame us? It might not be the most wonderful time of the year, but it sure is the spookiest, the scariest, and the downright most awesome.

Think about it—Halloween is all about dressing up, creating an awesome costume, and committing fully to a badass look. As cosmetologists and beauty pros, why wouldn’t we be obsessed with this holiday?

If you’re just as obsessed with this spooky season as we are, then you’re probably totally committed to making sure your clients are the Hallow-queens and kings of Halloween. That’s what we thought.

That’s precisely why we’ve included some seriously spooky, ghoulishly glorious, and too cute to spook looks and ideas for you to offer your clients this Halloween that are guaranteed to bring the Halloween spirit to your boo-tique!

Braids for Days

Wednesday Addams, anyone? Hooking your clients up with some tight and impeccably done braids can be a super easy (and super affordable) Halloween look for your clients.

The plus side of offering these services? If the braids aren’t insanely complex, they won’t take you all that much time, so you can charge accordingly.

Are braids something you really enjoy doing for your clients? This might be a great time to start considering adding braids to your everyday service repertoire. Use this service as a test-run to see how doable this might be.

Terrifying & Two-Toned

Going two-toned isn’t always the best everyday look—but if your clients are seeking out a sweet two-toned style a-la-one of our fave villains Cruella Deville or one of our fave musicians Billie Eilish, now is the perfect time to offering some dyeing services (and temp-dyeing services) that are to-die-for.

Witchy Waves & Fairy Crimps

We can’t mention Halloween without getting into witchy waves and fairytale hair—AKA, some of the most popular Halloween looks!

For the ultimate storybook hair—whether your clients are hoping to look good or downright evil—opt for awesome waves or simple crimps. Keep either tight for a more pinned-together look or brush them out for a voluminous, frizzier style.

Out of This World Space Buns

Simple and stunning, space buns are the ultimate out-of-this-galaxy additions for clients who are looking for a cosmic Halloween look!

Want another tip for the ultimate space buns? If your client is game, throw in a little pastel color for an extra dash of galaxy goodness.

Hair So Sleek a Vampire Would Be Jealous

The vampire look is so in every Halloween—and this one is no different. The secret to the best vampire hair? Total sleekness (unless we’re going voluminous like the famous Mistress of the Dark, Elvira—but that’s another conversation).

Offering specials on blowouts, straightening treatments, and relaxers is a great tip for those Halloween gents and gals who are looking to find peak sleekness for their Halloween look this year.

Mullets or Bust

Do you know why we love this trend as a Halloween hairstyle? Because it’s not just a Halloween thing anymore. No way, friends—the mullet is back in action with a vengeance.

Don’t believe us? Start looking around at some of your fave celebrities and musicians—Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus (and that’s just the shortlist) have all rocked some badass mullets.

So, while this can totally start as a Halloween look for your clients (you know, if they want to dress up as Billy Ray Cyrus or even the infamous Tiger King), it can be easily and seamlessly transitioned into an everyday look that’s actually super on-trend.

Glitz & Glam Makeup

No matter who your client is trying to channel—a Victorian-era Queen or a Disney Princess—they’re obviously going to need some serious glam for their look.

That’s where you come in. This is a great option if Halloween-esque makeup (with it’s fake-wounds and bloody nature) isn’t your jam. Offer your clients some simple glam for a Halloween-approved price!

Mask-Included Looks

Let’s face it—masks are going to be part of our 2020 Halloween.

Why not add it to your makeup repertoire? Offer services that incorporate masks and makeup for a stunning (and maybe even spooky!) holiday look that your clients are bound to love. 

AKA, help your clients make it easy to make the facemask part of their costume. Whether this means matching your make up to the client’s custom mask or working with some to complement your client’s look, this can be a great way to help your clients create a custom Halloween look that’s badass and safe.

Glitter, Rhinestones, Embellishments

One of the Halloween makeup trends this year is to focus entirely on the eyes. Since we’re all wearing masks, that totally makes sense, right?

Set up a pricing guide for eye looks that include glitter, rhinestones, and embellishments—we can guarantee plenty of folks are going to want to go next-level on their eye makeup looks this Halloween.

The Halloween Ol’ Faithful—Scary Movie Makeup Looks

Obviously, you’re going to have some clients who come to you (their faithfully talented MUA) wanting creepy, spooky, and terrifying Halloween looks.

If you can, give it to ‘em. Fake wounds, costume blood, creepy eye looks to complement their scary contacts. You can basically expect the requests to come pouring in for these Hollywood-esque looks, so make sure you’ve prepared a pricing sheet that makes sense for you!

What did you think of our Halloween advice, huh? Nothin’ too spooky, right? (Nope—mostly just Spooktacular).

If you’ve got your own go-to Halloween hair or makeup looks that you’d be down to share, we encourage you to drop us a comment in the reply section below. We can guarantee your fellow Halloween-obsessed cosmetologists will be thrilled to read up on your hauntingly awesome tips!

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