2020 Fall Trends You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

Crackling, crunchy leaves, crisp weather, spooky szn declarations, and the opportunity to mix pumpkin flavoring into anything and everything you can get your hands on—you guessed it, you guys, it’s Fall, and at Elite Beauty Society, we couldn’t be more thrilled.

It’s officially October, which means that Fall is back and better than ever! 

Whether Fall is your downright fave season or not, there’s no denying just how wonderful it can be—especially when it comes to the beauty world. Just like every season, Fall brings in new trends, fads, and must-try-out styles—only in the Fall, they’re not just awesome, they’re autumnal!

From makeup lewks that are scarily beautiful to hairstyles that scream “’ll take a pumpkin spice latte, please,” to cutting-edge nails that remind you of an autumn walk amongst the trees with changing leaves, there’s no denying that Fall brings about the best-of-the-best trend!​

And of course, 2020 is bringing us a ton of brand new, never-tried, gotta-have-‘em looks that you’ll be dying to gently talk your clients into! 

Blue Shadow is Back 

And honestly? We’re sad it ever left. Don’t get us wrong—we know you have to be careful with blue eyeshadow if you’re looking for a sophisticated look, but we love this autumn trend because it’s fun, it’s retro, and it’s sure to grab attention.

Forget what you know about the old blue eyeshadow trend and get on board with this revitalized look at this non-tacky nod to 80s style.

The key to perfecting this trend? Pick the perfect shade of blue—and when you do, infuse that flat shade with some dimension. From flecks of glitter to mixing it with a lighter or darker shade for more depth to using it for the perfect smoky-eye technique, adding in a little dimension can take this trend a long way! 

Wine-Stained Lips

OK, OK, let us specify—we mean wine-colored stained lips, not actually wine-stained lips. (Unless that’s your beauty strategy, we’re not here to judge).

Wine-stained lips are the ultimate autumn makeup look in our opinion because they totally reference all the rich hues of Fall we know and love! When we say wine-stained color, we’re talking deep hues like oxblood, fiery red, violet, deep purples, etc.

Our advice? Start with a stain that completely dries (we are all still wearing masks, after all, it’s still 2020) and shoot for a deep color that complements your skin tone! 

Watercolor Eyes 

We love this artsy trend. Why? Because it gives us pros the chance to step out of our normal, routine glam and take our creativity up a notch! Watercolor eyes are all about using beautiful palettes in unique ways (which also means you can take advantage of using some of those less-used colors among your glam tools). 

This trend is all about mixing and matching bold and neutral colors, going wild, and not worrying too much about what’s right and wrong. Make it dreamy, make it reminiscent of a disco, make it kaleidoscopic—there’s really no wrong way to go for watercolor eyes. 

Shag Cuts & 70s Bangs 

Fall is apparently all about bringing the 70s and 80s back, and friends, we are here for it! Shag cuts and 70s bangs are sweeping the hair trend game lately.

The cool part about this fad? There are so many ways to dive into this trend that it’s possible for everyone to pull it off! From curtain bangs to side-swept bangs, to longer bangs (you know, that grow out more gracefully—a must during quarantine times)

Picture-Perfect Pixies & Beautiful Buzzcuts 

We’ll keep this short and sweet—because, isn’t that what a pixie cut or a buzz is all about? We love the effortlessness of a well-shaped, beautiful pixie or buzz—especially in the Fall of 2020 (you know, the year from hell where it’s harder than ever for clients to get appointments with their beauty pros).

Minimalist cuts like these need a little maintenance, but it’s pretty prolonged, which means your clients can rock the Autumn season looking fabulous without worrying about a long, arduous, complicated hair routine. 

Autumn Hues All Day

We’re going to throw a few words out here that are sure to make you chipper with Fall-time glee: cinnamon ombre, gold undertones, blood-orange red, rooted gold, spiced chestnut.

Nope, these aren’t Fall coffee flavors (except, we’d probably drink each and every one of these in a latte, but whatever), these are the autumn hues we’re loving for Fall 2020 hair!

While there’s no wrong way to do autumn colors, we’re loving warm hues that work with everyone’s skin tone, rich colors, and technical highlights that really bring the Fall season straight to your mane.  

Welcome to The Dark-Ish Side 

You know what Fall 2020 is loving? A touch of autumn tinge with natural, dark roots underneath!

For all those clients of yours that are blonde (or are dying to keep their blonde this autumn), we highly recommend rocking a look that embraces the dark root (or a rooted golden color) for an effortless, transitional style! 

Go Spooky or Go Home 

What do we want? Halloween nails. When do we want them? Righ-freakin’-now.

Finally, it’s time to bust out the spooky, the scary, and the frighteningly cute nail trends we’ve been waiting all year for! If you’re a Halloween enthusiast (we def are guilty on this charge), this is the ideal time to go spooky AF!

From themed nails that incorporate all types of nail art to a spooky-but sophisticated monochromatic black or grey look, there’s no wrong way to do Halloween nails! 

Mask-Matching Nails

OK, so this one is less about Fall and more about the fact that it’s Fall and we’re living in a new-normal society.

It’s unlikely the masks will be ditched anytime soon (and that’s cool, let’s all protect each other, right?), so why wouldn’t we match a bold nail look to our masks (which, by now, we probably have a whole collection of cutesy ones). 

Whether you’re looking to complement your mask with your nail color or you want a full-fledged, matchy-matchy situation, mimicking your mask with your nails can be a great way to bring a cohesive look together. 

Tortoiseshell Nails 

Call it what you want—tortoiseshell, cheetah print—the end-result is still the same, a fabulous set of adorable nails! Opting for neutral patterns for Fall can do two things—step up your nail game while keeping it casual, something we all strive for. 

So, tell us, are you ready to dive into the Fall 2020 trends? We sure as heck are.

Reach out and let us know what trends you plan to give a go—or, if you’ve got a few Fall 2020 trends up your own sleeve, leave us a comment and give us a holler. We’re all about adding to our ever-growing list! 

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