All Kinds of Holiday Specials that You Can Promote in Your Beauty Biz

If you’re anything like the team at Elite Beauty Society, then you’re absolutely thrilled that the holiday season is upon us.

Seriously, what’s better than a warm cup of cocoa while decorating for the holidays, some glam holiday looks for the long list of holiday parties you’ll be attending, and cozy sweaters to keep us warm by a crackling fire?

Just one thing holiday promotions.

That’s right! As much as we love the holiday season simply because of its nature, we also love that it gives salons, studios, and spas the opportunity to do some seriously cutesy deals. If you’re wanting to hop on board the holiday promo train, but aren’t quite sure where to start, that’s okay!

We’ve laid out our own 12 Days of Deals to give you a little inspo to kick off your holiday hoopla.

Check them out, implement them in your own salon, or use them as the springboard for your own holiday deal ideas! 

Deal 1: Christmas Ornament Surprise

If you’re planning to have a tree inside your salon, studio, or spa– and why wouldn’t you want to? – consider making it a fun part of your holiday promotions by implementing a fun Ornament Surprise game.

Hide special deals, secret coupon codes, and even just fun messages inside the ornaments you put on your tree. Then, for every service a client has done with you, you can offer them a pick off the Christmas tree! Inside they’ll find the deals, coupons, and promos you’ve hidden! Make sure your clients know that this is a game, so they’re not guaranteed a free haircut, facial, or massage (if that’s part of the give-a-way you’re offering) but do make sure they end up with at least a little something, even if it’s just a delicious Christmas candy cane!

Deal 2: Christmas Postcards with a Coupon

This is a super fun one, but it does require a little pre-planning to pull it off. Before the holiday season rolls around, design and send out a fun holiday-themed Christmas postcard! On this card, include a little coupon code for your clients to bring for a little discount on their service.

Even if it’s just a 5 percent off coupon, they’ll certainly appreciate the time and effort you put in for this Christmas promotion. Make sure you specify on the card that the client must bring it in to receive their discount code and that it only applies for one service!

If you can, extend this service into January and February, this is a great way to get more bookings in those quieter months.

Deal 3: Offer a Service + a Picture with Santa

Who doesn’t love a picture with Santa during the holiday season!

Instead of making your clients schlep over to the mall to wait in a crowded line, offer a free, totally insta-worthy picture with Santa when they book an appointment with you! Check them out, implement them in your own salon, or use them as the springboard for your own holiday deal ideas!

Make sure you’re letting your clients know about this special by promoting it on your Instagram, your other marketing outlets, and in your shop. If you can, try to offer this over the course of a few different days so you’re not totally swamped on just one day.  Want to take it a step further? Tell your clients that if the tag your business and use your specific hashtag when they post your Santa photo, they can win a free Christmas treat at their next visit.

Deal 4: Social Media Christmas Contest

Speaking of hashtags and tagging, the holidays are the perfect time to implement a fun online contest or giveaway.

This works great because it’s easy to theme something for the holidays, people always want to participate, and no matter what, you’re getting some extra visibility. Try coming up with a holiday contest, such as having your clients create the perfect holiday hair, or the best holiday makeup, etc., then tag you and use your hashtag. You can put the results up to a vote or pick yourself!

Want something a little simpler? Use your social media platforms to have people like and share a holiday-themed photo. Then, select a winner for a holiday deal at your salon! This is easy, fun, and people will certainly engage!

Deal 5: Two for One Christmas Deals

If you can swing it, try to offer a limited amount of 2-for-1 deals where clients can bring in a friend to get the same service, you’re providing them.

For example, if you offer brow services, try offering 2-for-1 waxes, or something similar. It’s best to do this for smaller, less time-consuming services so that you’re not wasting your efforts, time, or resources to get this accomplished (offering a 2-for-1 hair color service could be a poor financial decision on your part!)

Deal 6: Offer a Buy-One-Get-One-Free Service or Product

This is always a great idea around the holidays because you can market it as a “buy one for you, buy one as a gift.” People absolutely love this and tend to eat this stuff up.

Try marketing products this way, especially products that you want to clear from your inventory or smaller services that won’t take too much time or effort to “give away.”

Deal 7: Toy Drive Partnership

This is a great promotional idea because it helps bring in clients to your shop, but also helps kids in need! Partner with a toy drive organization and let your clients know that you’ll have a station set up in your salon. 

For every toy donated, offer a Christmas treat!

 If you want to really step up your game, offer a special service to folks who bring in a certain number of toys!

Deal 8: Specials on Your Holiday Gift Cards

This is a great time to run a super fun special on your gift cards! They’re easy to market as wonderful gifts and they can really help amp up your booking appointments in some of your quitter months following the busy holidays!

Deal 9: Offer Christmas-Themed Looks for Parties and Events

If you can offer a discount for folks who are coming in groups before their holiday events, Christmas parties, office parties, wedding, or more, this is a great holiday incentive to get more people into your salon! Try to make sure clients know about this special early, though – the last thing you want is a group of 10 people trying to book with you last minute!

Deal 10: Buying a Present at the Salon or Spa? Offer Free Gift Wrapping!

If your clients are planning to buy a gift card, a service, or a product from your establishment, offer them free gift-wrapping services. This is a fun, little promotion that won’t cost you much, but it’s an extra that people love! Who doesn’t love not having to wrap a gift, right?

Deal 11: Holiday Themed Online Giveaway

Utilizing your social skills during this time of year can be hugely beneficial for your salon, shop, studio, or salon! Offer fun, holiday-themed giveaways via your online platforms.

Whether it’s a product, a service, or a simple Christmas gift from the shop, make sure it’s fun, festive, and super holiday-centric! 

Deal 12:  Include Sweet Holiday Treats with Service

Are you telling us that you wouldn’t want a free, festive holiday cocoa with your haircut, massage, or nail service? Because we don’t believe you.

If it fits your budget, consider offering a free holiday-themed beverage or treat with every service you offer. Want to get a little crazy? Try some holiday-themed spirits, desserts, or tiny appetizers! 

Whatever you do, ensure that it’s extra tasty and that your client base is taking you up on it! If you plan to offer this service, make sure you’re actively promoting it on your salon or spa’s social sites, in your marketing emails, and even inside the shop so people are aware!